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The Merseyside area supported a number of weekly and daily newspapers. Eventually we hope to extract the death notices from as many local newspapers as possible as, for various reasons, a notice may have appeared in only one newspapers. The Bootle Times and the Prescot Reporter are unlikely to duplicate the same information. The newspapers also had very different readerships. The Liverpool Courier, for example, was aimed at the middle classes and the Evening Express was considered to be a working man's paper. Information can also be obtained from notices placed on an anniversary of the death or from birthday remembrances. Information on how you can help with this or any other part of the project or about the various ways you can send us information about anyone you have found listed on this site can be found in the 'Get Involved' section.

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You can search the death notices database in several ways:
  • You can fill in one or other of the name boxes and leave the date boxes empty to search for a particular individual. However, the death notices often give nicknames such as Jack or Joe or they may even describe a soldier as simply "Captain Evans" without giving his first name at all. If you don't find the information you are looking we would suggest you try using the initial of the first name or even leave the forename box blank.
  • You can also produce a list of all the notices for a particular year or month by filling in the date boxes and leaving the name boxes blank.
  • If you leave all the boxes empty and press submit you will be shown a list of all the death notices currently available. The page will load very slowly!!
Below is a typical entry from the death notices database:
Newspaper (date) Liverpool Echo (25-Aug-16)
Rank, Forename(s), Surname Sergeant John E Aindow
Regiment, Regimental Number, medals Kings Liverpool Regiment 3821
Cause and date of death, age, where buried Killed in Action 08-Aug-16 aged 26 years
Information contained in death notice Husband of L Aindow (nee Brereton) address 10 Emery Street Walton
Death notices extracted so far: [UNDERWAY/COMPLETED]
MONTH/YEAR 1914 1915 1916 1917 1918 1919 1920 1920 1921
January     EE     BT/CH BT/CH BT BT
February     EE     BT/CH BT/CH BT BT
March     EE     BT/CH BT/CH BT BT
April     EE     BT BT/CH BT BT
May     EE     BT BT/CH BT BT
June     EE     BT BT/CH BT BT
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August     EE/LE     BT BT/CH BT BT
September     EE     BT BT/CH BT BT
October     EE     BT BT/CH BT BT
November     EE     BT BT/CH BT BT
December     EE     BT BT/CH BT BT
Merseyside's Newspapers
Abbreviation Name of publication Years covered Where available
BH Bootle Herald 1919+  
BT Bootle Times    
CH Liverpool Catholic Herald    
DP Liverpool Daily Post (and Mercury)    
EE (Liverpool) Evening Express    
FT Formby Times and Ainsdale and Altcar Advertiser    
GR Garston and Woolton Reporter    
GW Garston and Woolton Weekly News and South Liverpool Reporter    
LC Liverpool Courier    
LE Liverpool Echo    
NP Northern Press and Catholic Times    
OA Ormskirk Advertiser    
PR Prescot Reporter    
PS Protestant Standard 1914-1916  
PW Prescot Weekly Times    
SG Southport Guardian    
SN St Helens Newspaper and Advertiser    
SR St Helens Reporter    
SV Southport Visiter    
WC Liverpool Weekly Courier    
WCT Waterloo and Crosby Times    
WH Waterloo and Crosby Herald and Formby and Seaforth Gazette    
WM Liverpool Weekly Mercury 1914-1916  
WP Liverpool Weekly Post 1914 missing  
WT Walton Times 1919+  
YB Y Brython (The Briton)    
JC Journal of Commerce and Shipping Telegraph 1914-1915  
KL Kemps Liverpool Gazette    
SE Sporting Express    
WA West African Mail 1914-1917  


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